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Martin Fenner

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October 24, 2023

Some professional updates
Published October 19, 2023 in Chris Hartgerink
Chris Hartgerink

I have been a bit stuck in my head over the past few months. The world’s changing so rapidly, it is increasingly hard to come to grips with things big and small. This even though there is a desire to jump to quick conclusions (a typical sign of overconfidence!). As a result of being stuck in my head, I have been absent on here. I am getting back in a habit of writing, although this simple post took me almost a week to write.

rOpenSci News Digest, October 2023
Published October 20, 2023 in rOpenSci - open tools for open science
The rOpenSci Team

Dear rOpenSci friends, it’s time for our monthly news roundup!

What’s up with your crazy-ass hands, Utahraptor?
Published October 20, 2023 in Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week
Mike Taylor

What’s up with your crazy-ass hands, Utahraptor?

Organic Chemistry’s Wish List, Four Years Later
Published October 20, 2023 in Corin Wagen
Corin Wagen

In 2019, ChemistryWorld published a “wish list” of reactions for organic chemistry, describing five hypothetical reactions which were particularly desirable for medicinal chemistry.

All The Right Friends: how does Google Scholar rank co-authors?
Published October 21, 2023 in quantixed
Stephen Royle

On a scientist’s Google Scholar page, there is a list of co-authors in the sidebar. I’ve often wondered how Google determines in what order these co-authors appear. The list of co-authors on a primary author’s page is not exhaustive. It only lists co-authors who also have a Google Scholar profile.

Quarto project scripts are awesomeness
Published October 22, 2023 in Chris von Csefalvay
Chris von Csefalvay

Quarto is a great tool for reproducible research. It is also a great tool for building websites. After about a decade of Wordpress-based websites, I’ve moved to Quarto primarily for two reasons.

Burden of open research (s03e17)
Published October 24, 2023 in Liberate Science
Chris Hartgerink

🔈This is a transcript - listen to the original podcast on Anchor. [00:00:00]. Hi, and welcome to the Open Update.

The Open Access Week in the Scholarly Blogosphere
Published October 24, 2023 in Syldavia Gazette
Heinz Pampel

Happy Birthday, Open Access! Last Sunday, the Berlin Declaration turned twenty years old (Pampel & Kindling, 2023). Its anniversary coincides with the international Open Access Week.

The Rogue Scholar API now automatically indexes blog posts
Published October 24, 2023 in Front Matter
Martin Fenner

The dedicated API for the Rogue Scholar science blog archive launched two weeks ago. The initial release supported fetching metadata and content from Rogue Scholar.

Crosstown Traffic: new paper on vesicle transport
Published October 25, 2023 in quantixed
Stephen Royle

We have a new paper out describing how vesicles move inside cells. The paper in a nutshell In science-speak We analysed how small vesicles are transported in cells.

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