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Martin Fenner

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October 3, 2023

The Leiden Ranking goes beyond ranking

Published September 27, 2023 in Leiden Madtrics
Leiden Madtrics

Today the CWTS Leiden Ranking and the INORMS More Than Our Rank initiative announce a new partnership, aimed at highlighting the accomplishments of universities beyond what is captured in university rankings. The CWTS Leiden Ranking has always been a bit different from other university rankings.

Peer Review Week 2023: GigaByte joins the ‘Publish, Review, Curate’ Revolution using Sciety
Published September 27, 2023 in GigaBlog
Scott Edmunds

Timed for Peer Review Week 2023, we’d like to announce that GigaByte Journal has integrated a novel ‘Publish, Review, Curate’ (PRC) peer-review model, in partnership with eLife. Using eLife’s Sciety platform GigaByte is now offering a highlighted editor’s assessment of each reviewed preprint, this endorsement helps readers gauge the interest and importance of the work, while also throwing light on the review and assessment process of research.

No Evilsevier DEAL!
Published September 28, 2023 in
Björn Brembs

No matter how well-intended (and we all know to which place the road leads that is paved with good intentions!), transformative agreements (such as DEAL in Germany) are generally the wrong tool at the wrong time for making publicly funded science accessible to the public.

Collecting metadata for science blog posts
Published October 2, 2023 in Front Matter
Martin Fenner

Metadata are an important feature of every scholarly resource. For science blog posts – which are published with far fewer resources than for example journal articles or books – there is an additional requirement: make the metadata collection as painless as possible. In this post, I describe the lessons learned over the years, including recent work on the Rogue Scholar science blog archive.

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